Private Sector Commission

Trade & Investment

Terms of Reference

  1. To develop positions and make recommendations to the PSC Council on matters relating to trade, investment, national competitiveness and related issues.

  2. To be responsible for the PSC’s interface with the National Competitiveness Strategy Unit and to represent the Private Sector’s position on the National Competitiveness Council.

  3. To monitor and advise on implementation of CSME and to represent private sector concerns in this regard.

  4. To ensure that the local private sector’s interests are adequately represented at deliberations of:

    1. National Advisory Committee on External Trade Negotiations (NACEN)

    2. Investments Promotion Council

    3. The Business and Labour Advisory Committee on CSME (BLAC)

    4. National Coordinating Committee on Guy-Brazil relations.  (NCC)

  5. To liaise closely with the Ministry of Tourism, Industry and Commerce (MINTIC) on matters relating to private sector development.

  6. To liaise with GOINVEST and other Government agencies on matters relating to investment, trade promotion and related issues.

  7. To liaise with Government on issues relating to the National Development Strategy.

  8. To represent all the private sector’s interests in matters relating to Guyana’s Trade and Investment relations with Brazil, Suriname and Venezuela.

  9. To provide a close liaison with Donor Support Programs in relation to private sector development.

  10. To ensure that the local private sector’s interests are adequately represented at the various fora in relation to issues on Trade and Investment.

  11. To assist in developing awareness among the private sector on issues in trade negotiations and to represent private sector interests as necessary.

  12. To report to the Executive Committee and Council on a regular basis on matters related to the Trade and Investment Sub-Committee.

  13. To liaise with Caribbean associations on regional private sector matters.

Members of the Sub-Committee

The Sub-Committee should endeavour to recruit members who can make a positive contribution to its activities.  Members can be attracted from the following organizations:

  1. Private Sector Commission.

  2. Heads and members of equivalent Sub-Committees of PSC Sectoral members.

  3. Organisations which have the relevant skills which can be of use to the Sub-Committee.

Modus Operandi

  1. The Sub-Committee shall have scheduled meetings at least every two months with appropriate notice being given to members.

  2. The agenda for the meetings will be prepared by the Sub-Committee Chairman, submitted to the Executive Director and mailed to the members along with the minutes of the last meeting at least five working days before the meeting.

  3. Unscheduled meetings can be called by the Sub-Committee Chairman through the Executive Director or his representative to address emergency issues.

  4. The Quorum for any meeting shall be no less than four persons excluding the Chairman.

  5. In the absence of the Chairman, the members present shall elect a Chairman for the meeting for that day.

  6. All recommendations made by the committee shall be ratified by the Council before being dispatched to the relevant authorities.

  7. In the event that the recommendations cannot wait for the Council meeting, the Chairman with the assistant of the Executive Director can round-robin the recommendations and seek approval to forward the recommendation to the relevant authorities subject to ratification by Council at the earliest meeting.

  8. The Chairman with consensus from members may invite persons from related organizations to attend a meeting as a guest speaker or advisor on the topic of discussion.

  9. The taking of notes at the meetings will be the responsibility of the Executive Director or staff delegated to do so.

Working Relationship

The Sub-Committee will interface with the following organisations inter alia:

  1. All Private Sector Organisations

    • All Chambers of Commerce

    • Public Sector Organisations

  2. Go-Invest

    • Ministry of Tourism, Industry and Commerce

    • Ministry of Foreign Trade

    • Ministry of Finance

    • National Competitiveness Strategy Unit

  3. Other Organisations

    • Caricom Secretariat

    • Brazilian Embassy

    • US Embassy

    • Guyana Trade and Investment Support (USAID)

    • Inter-American Development Bank

    • UK Department for International Development

    • European Union Delegation

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