Private Sector Commission

Benefits of Becoming a Member

The Private Sector Commission of Guyana, the umbrella organization for Guyana’s private sector businesses, is committed to the promotion of a vibrant and dynamic private sector as the engine of growth in Guyana, the achievement of a welfare standard for citizens on par with that of advanced countries, and the address of pertinent issues in the national interest. The achievement of these objectives is accomplished through the harnessing of skills and talents of its members. 

The Commission actively engages its Members through meetings and other forms of dialogue to arrive at common positions on the spectrum of current and unfolding issues. These include cross-cutting issues such as Energy, Infrastructure and Transportation, sectoral issues such as Agriculture, and those proposed by Members themselves. 

Sub-committees which may comprise member representatives and other competent resource persons who are elected/appointed to serve, oversee specific issues on an ongoing basis. This may be through facilitation of dialogue with relevant government organs, interaction with other local and international stakeholders, as well as with counterpart regional and international private sector organizations.

On becoming a Member, private sector firms and associations are eligible for appointment to Council, the governing body of the Commission, and thus contribute directly to the Mission and Objectives of the Private Sector Commission. They can materially contribute to effective representation of private sector interests at various fora, participate on sub-committees, and guide the efforts and the work of the Secretariat.

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