Private Sector Commission

Management of PSC

The Council

The PSC is governed by a Council which is comprised of all its Sectoral Members and a few Corporate Members according to its Articles of Association.  The Council meets and deliberates on cross-cutting issues that affect the private sector and agree on actions to be taken to mitigate the issues.  The Council is headed by the Chairman of the Private Sector Commission who is elected on an annual basis and who cannot serve more than two consecutive years.  The Council is required to meet at least once a month.

Members of the Private Sector Commission Council

Representatives of Sectoral Members:
Aircraft Owners Association of Guyana LtdMr. Christopher Nascimento
Tel: +592-226-0240
Bartica Chamber of Commerce and IndustryMr. Anthony Murray
Tel: +592-455-0055
Berbice Chamber of Commerce and Development AssociationRyan Alexander
Tel: + 592 680 0000
Forest Products Association of GuyanaDeonarine Ramsaroop
Tel: + 592 619 4712
Georgetown Chamber of Commerce and IndustryDeodat Indar
Tel: + 592 227 7846
Guyana Arts & Craft Producers AssociationMs. Patricia Helwig
Tel: +592-645-7758
Guyana Association of BankersRichard Sammy
Tel:+ 592 223 7938-49
Guyana Gold and Diamond Miners AssociationMr. Hilbert Shields
Tel: +592-600-6161
Guyana Association of Private Security OrganisationsChristopher Thompson
Tel: +592 225 4797
Guyana Manufacturing and Services Association LtdShyam Nokta
Tel:+ 592 223 5407
Guyana Association of Trawler Owners and Seafood ProcessorsReuben Charles
Tel: + 592 233 0514-5
Guyana Region 3 Chamber of Commerce and IndustryMr. Richard Sukdeo
Tel: + 592 264 0600
Guyana Rice Exporters and Millers AssociationMr. Ranjindra Persaud
Cell#: +592-687-5221
Institute of Private Enterprise DevelopmentMr. Ramesh Persaud
Tel: +592-226-4675
Linden Chamber of Industry Commerce and DevelopmentMr. Victor Fernandes
Tel: + 592 444 2901
National Aquaculture Association of GuyanaMr. Beni Sankar
Cell#: +592-678-3001
National Air Transport AssociationCaptain Gerald Gouveia
Tel: + 592 225 9648
Rupununi Chamber of Commerce and IndustryMr. Daniel Gajie
Tel: +592-772-2226
Shipping Association of GuyanaMr. Desmond Sears
Tel: +592-223 5096
The Consultative Association of Guyanese Industry LtdMr. Samuel Goolsarran
Tel: +592-226-4603
The Tourism and Hospitality Association of GuyanaMr. Mitra Ramkumar
Tel: + 592 225 9647-8
Upper Corentyne Chamber of Commerce
and Industry
Mr. Krishnand Jaichand
Tel: +592-339-2765
Central Corentyne Chamber of CommerceMr. Mohamed Raffik
Tel: +592-322-5426
Representatives of Corporate Members:
1.Mr. Edward Boyer
Tel: +592 227 1964
2.Mr. Manniram Prashad
Tel: +592 227 7782
3.Mr. Paul Cheong
Tel: +592 225 5227
4.Mr. Zulfikar Ally
Tel: +592 265 4261-5
5.Mr. Komal Singh
Tel: +592 226 5165
6.Major General ret’d Norman McLean
Tel: +592 226 7964
7.Mr. Ramesh Dookhoo
Tel: +592-225-8624

The Executive Management Committee

The Executive Management Committee is responsible for the overall administration, finance and functioning of the PSC.  It is made up of the Chairman, the Vice Chairman, the Honorary Secretary, the Treasurer and the Executive Director, all of whom are elected at the Annual General Meeting with the exception of the Executive Director.


















Desmond Sears



Mr. Desmond Sears is the Executive Director of Delmur Co. Ltd, of Forestry and Technical Consulting Inc., and of Omai Transportation and Equipment Inc. Mr. Sears has more than thirty-five years of experience in shipping and is also the Honorary Consul General for the Royal Kingdom of Norway. 




Deodat Indar
Vice Chairman




 Mr. Komal Singh - Secretary








 Mr. Zulfikar Ally - Treasurer






The Executive Director

The Executive Director is recruited and appointed by the Council and is responsible for the day to day administration of the PSC Secretariat.  The Executive Director is a member of  the Executive Management Committee and reports to the Council.

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