PSC Welcomes United States Secretary Of State, Hon. Mike Pompeo

Press Statement

September 17, 2020

The Private Sector Commission (PSC) is honoured to extend a warm welcome to the United States Secretary of State, Hon. Michael Pompeo upon his very first visit to Guyana. 

The PSC recognizes his commitment to democracy in Guyana where he advocated for transparency and the right to uphold the rule of law during the election period with courage and integrity. Further, the PSC expresses gratitude for the many collaborations which was born out of a common desire to build a relationship that produced several tangible benefits. Since then, our economy has grown significantly with invaluable contributions coming from the United States in aid, trade and foreign investments.

In this regard, the PSC looks forward to continued cooperation with the Government of the United States and expresses hope that Hon. Mike Pompeo’s visit will bolster the nation’s democracy, and greatly strengthen the Guyana-US collaborative relationship. 


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