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September 1, 2020

His Excellency the President, Dr. Mohamed Irfaan Ali, delivered an address to the 28th Annual General Meeting of the Private Sector Commission which he described as“conversational”, inviting Members of the Commission to raise any questions they might have and would like to ask.

The President said that the relationship between the Government and the business sector will be of significant importance to the development of the country.

The Head of State highlighted “the role the Private Sector played in ensuring that we are here today in a democratic environment is enough to convince anyone that the Private Sector is not only an important stakeholder but one of the strongest stakeholders in advancing Guyana’s prospect and developmental opportunities.” The President further outlined plans to facilitate a more robust private sector that brings new investments, expand production, increased exports and improved competitiveness.

President Ali further thanked the leadership of the Private Sector Commission and all those in the Private Sector who played a key and important role during the elections but importantly, after the elections in ensuring Guyana stuck to a democratic pathway.


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