PSC Served As An Accredited Election Recount Observer

Press Statement

July 15, 2020

The Private Sector Commission (PSC) served as an Accredited Observer along with other Accredited Local Observer Groups and Organizations, the International Diplomatic Community, representing the ABC&E countries and the International Observers, with the exception of the Carter Center who were denied entry into Guyana by the Coalition Government.

The Private Sector Commission fielded Observers throughout the entire period of the Recount, at every Work Station, all day, every day.

The Private Sector Commission, while recognizing minor administrative difficulties, found the process of the Recount to have been efficiently conducted and authentic.

The Private Sector Commission noted, as did the CARICOM Report, the frequently aggressive, and, at times, obnoxious, if not bizarre, behavior by Agents representing APNU+AFC at the various Work Stations, but, who, nevertheless, were unable to document any material complaints to question the process.

The Private Sector Commission, as did all of the National and International Observers, found the Recount results to be valid and entirely credible.  

The Private Sector Commission was pleased to endorse, without reservation, the observation of the CARICOM Scrutineers, that “the objections raised by the APNU+AFC” were not “materially relevant to the recount of the ballot” and that there was “no evidence as to who were the ultimate beneficiaries of the alleged ‘ghost voting’ and voter impersonation”.

The Private Sector Commission, in all of these circumstances, has no hesitation in demanding of GECOM, the immediate acceptance of the results of the Recount and that GECOM proceed to a declaration reflecting those results of the General and Regional Elections without any further delay.


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