PSC Congratulates David Granger On Decision To Accept Declaration

Press Statement

May 28, 2020

The Private Sector Commission (PSC), on 18th May, 2020, congratulated President David Granger, speaking at his Press Conference on 17th May, 2020, as the Electoral Presidential Candidate of APNU+AFC, for recognizing that the Recount of the General and Regional Elections “is necessary to determine the credible final results of the March 2 elections”.  Mr. Granger pledged then that his government will abide by the final declaration of the Chairman of GECOM.

We noted, however, in our statement and expressed our concern over the fact that Mr. Granger is yet to make clear whether he rejects, as unacceptable, the Report  by the Chief Elections Officer, Keith Lowenfield, submitted to the Chairman of GECOM, of the declarations made by the ten (10) Districts Officers, including the declaration made by Clairmont Mingo, which is still held in abeyance by the Gazetted Order for National Recount.

The Private Sector Commission is deeply concerned, therefore, at the most recent statements of APNU+AFC Campaign Manager, Mr. Joseph Harmon, in which he claims that the Report by Mr. Lowenfield to the Chairman of GECOM, which records that the Coalition has won the Elections, should be accepted for declaring the results of the Elections.  

The Private Sector Commission must point out that these statements by Mr. Harmon, who must come under the authority and direction of Mr. Granger, are in direct conflict with and contradict the public commitments made by Mr. Granger “that any declaration coming from the Chairman of GECOM will be accepted by the Government of Guyana”.

The Private Sector Commission believe that it is incumbent upon Mr. Granger, to exercise his authority as Head of State and Leader of the governing party, to state, clearly and unequivocally, whether he and his party will accept the Recount of the ballots currently being conducted by GECOM as the only legitimate evidence for concluding the final and unqualified results of the General and Regional Elections.


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