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Guyana’s Economy

Macroeconomic Policy

The macroeconomic policy of the Guyana government centres on fiscal, monetary and exchange rate policy.  Fiscal policy is aimed at increased collection of tax revenues and the gearing of expenditure towards improved services and growth of the economy.  Monetary policy has been aimed at domestic price stability and the controlling of liquidity in the economy, while at the same time allowing for an increased money supply to facilitate expanded economic growth.  Exchange rate policy has been geared towards the stabilization of the exchange rate and the maintenance of a rate that is conducive to exports.

A comprehensive set of action-oriented policies for delivering on the goals of the National Development Strategy through the creation of competitive advantages in the global market was subsequently articulated within the framework of a national competiveness strategy for Guyana, Enhancing National Competitiveness – A National Competitiveness Strategy for Guyana.   Information on Guyana’s economy may also be sourced from the website of the Bank of Guyana

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