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December 20, 2017 Press Release Private Sector Commission – Rethink…

December 20, 2017

Press Release

Private Sector Commission - Rethink Closure of Estates

The Private Sector Commission continues to be dismayed at the Government’s decision to pursue the closure of sugar estates as the only solution to the crisis in the sugar industry.

In August of this year, the Private Sector Commission proposed to the Government that they enter into a public-private partnership for investment in and management of selected estates as a probable and effective alternative to closure. Indeed, it was our clear understanding, at a meeting the Commission held with Mr. Colvin Heath-London of NICIl, that the Government had determined to pursue such an option.

Sugar has been the major employer of Guyanese for over a century and, until these drastic measures were taken, continued to be the largest employer of our labour force. Yet, unbelievably, our Government has no definitive plan to rescue the industry nor save its workers from unemployment and from the ensuing hardship which will inevitably result.

While the decision to close has been announced, we are again asking our Government to recognise the ensuing hardships placed on the communities served by and dependent on sugar and the consequential damage to the economy as a whole.

We ask once more that our Government should think again.

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