Private Sector Commission

Bar Closure

                  November 4, 2015



Press Release


The Private Sector Commission has observed and received reports from its membership that the enforcement of the 2:00 am closure for bars and night clubs is having a significant negative impact on businesses within the entertainment industry and many of the businesses are faced with the threat of closure and downsizing as a result of this decision.  It is also our concern that this could have a long term negative impact on our developing Tourism Industry.


There has been no definitive study on the social impact of the later closure on crime and accidents and this tends to be notional.


The PSC is therefore calling on the Minister of Public Security to rethink this strategy and its implications on business.  We are strongly recommending that consideration be given for bars and night clubs to be open until 4:00 am on Fridays, Saturdays and Public Holidays for those night clubs located in commercial districts and zones and those which comply with building codes that limit noise nuisance.


In addition, with the upcoming Christmas holidays, we are recommending the extension and relaxation of the 2:00 am edict to facilitate our visitors for Christmas and into the New Year.  This is especially so, as we seek to mark the 50th Anniversary of our Independence in 2016.

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