Private Sector Commission

Tax Reform Committee

         November 9, 2015



Press Release


The Private Sector Commission met today with the members of the Tax Reform Committee.  Discussion was wide ranging and covered the recommendations of the Private Sector Commission on reducing corporate income taxes and PAYE to stimulate the economy and make Guyana’s exports more competitive in the region.  The Private Sector Commission advocated that reduction of these taxes would actually lead to increased collection of revenue by the government.


The Commission also recommended the zero-rating of additional items for VAT in order to reduce the tax burden on the poor and make for a more equitable taxation system.  It was felt too that the Tax Threshold should be increased to $75,000 initially and should be increased by the rate of inflation in each subsequent year.


During the exchange, the members of the Tax Reform Committee made reference to tax studies and reports which were commissioned by the previous administration and which would be taken into consideration by the Committee.  These included the recent study of Guyana’s tax system by Duke University. 

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