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Dr. Yesu Persaud

1st - 1992-1993

5th - 1997-1999

9th - 2004-2006

Dr. Yesu Persuad was educated both in Guyana and the United Kingdom. He lived in the United Kingdom for ten years and worked in industry and commerce in that country.  He was honoured with a Doctor of Letters and a Doctor of Law, Honoris Causa, by the University of Warwick and the University of the West Indies (St. Augustine), respectively.

At present, Dr. Persuad is the executive chairman of Demerara Distillers Group [DDL]. He is the founder and Chairman of the Institute of Private Enterprise Development [IPED]; and serves as Chairman for the following organizations: Trust Company [Guyana] Ltd; Guyana Unit Trust – a mutual fund institution; BEV Processors Inc; Guyana Youth Business Trust.

He is the chairman, and was the driving force behind the establishment and development of Demerara Bank Limited - Guyana’s first indigenous private sector bank; former chairman and founder-member of the Private Sector Commission of Guyana Limited.  [PSC], Past President and Executive Member of the Guyana Manufacturers' Association [GMA], Chairman - Consultative Association of Guyanese Industry ltd. [CAGI] and Director – Diamond Fire & General Insurance inc.

Dr. Persuad also holds a number of positions on numerous external organizations, namely: Chairman - Caribbean Council for Europe [CCE], Past Chairman of Caribbean Association of Industry and Commerce Ltd. [CAIC], Past Chairman and Current Vice Chairman - West Indies Rum & Spirits association [WIRSPA], Trustee of Caribbean Latin American action [CLAA], he was a member of the advisory group to the chief negotiator, Sir Shridath Ramphal, on Caricom International Economic Negotiations. His external representations include: Honorary Consul for Chile in Guyana and Past Chairman – National Rums of Jamaica (NRJ).

Dr. Yesu Persaud takes a keen interest in the economic and cultural development of the underprivileged. He is the founding member and Chairman of the Indian Anniversary Committee and the Indian Monument Fund – responsibility for all activities to celebrate Indian arrival in Guyana 169 years ago. He served as Chairman of the University of Guyana 30th Anniversary Endowment   Fund, Past Chairman of the Cheshire Home for Disabled Children; Chairman, Cheddi Jagan Children's Fund and Founding Member and Executive Vice Chairman – Guyanese People of Indian Origin (GOPIO)

A number of National Awards were also presented to Dr. Persuad.

Mr. David King

2nd – 1993-1994

Mr. David King was educated at: Queens College, Georgetown, Guyana - General Certificate of Examination Oxford & Cambridge Matriculation “O” Level 4 Subjects; University of Guyana jointly with the International Marketing Institutes., Mass., U.S.A - Marketing Research, Management, and Principles and Penn State University, Pennsylvania, U.S.A - Industrial Marketing.

Mr. King’s work experiences include: Hand in Hand Fire Ins. Company, Guyana; Various positions in Manitoba, Ontario and Alberta, Canada; ESSO Standard Oil, Georgetown, Guyana, Sales Rep.; Rentokil (Guyana) Limited, Manager; Neal  and Massy Guyana Group; Division Manager, Bandage Tyre Retreading; Marketing Manager, Associated  Industries Ltd, AINLIM; General Manager & Managing Director, AINLIM;  Managing Director, Transportation Services Limited and King Advertising Limited, Chairman/Managing Director/ & Sole Owner.

Previously held positions comprise: Councilor - Consultative Assoc. of Guyanese Industry (CAGI); (Employers Organisation of Guyana) ;Chairman  - CAGI; President   - Caribbean Employers;  Founder/ Member    - Private Sector  Commission of Guyana (PSC); Chairman  - Private Sector  Commission of Guyana (PSC) ;  Member    - Tripartite Committee of Ministry of  Labour ; Member     - Guyana Trade Facilitation Board; Member     - Tripartite Steering Committee for Review of the Public Service Rules; Member     - Committee for the Review of the Public Sector Wages; Secretary/Director/Vice President/and President-- Rotary  Club of  Georgetown; Director  Georgetown  Club  and Chairman   - Georgetown  Club.

Other positions held are: Member     - Rotary Club of Georgetown; Member     - Guyana /Brazil Bilateral Cooperation Intra Agency Committee; Nominated Representative for the Joint Commission of the Partial Scope Agreement between Brazil & Guyana.

Mr. King has received THE GOLDEN ARROW OF ACHIEVEMENT A.A.  - May 26th 1997. His hobbies consist of squash, hunting and fishing.

Mr. Beni Sankar

3rd – 1994-1996

Mr. Beni Gopaul Sankar was born on the 25th September, 1948. He acquired his BSc in Agricultural Engineering in1974 at National College of Silsoe – Bedfordshire, UK.

Mr. Sankar holds the position of Chief Executive Officer of the Kayman Sankar Groups of Companies from 1974 to present.

Professional membership includes : Member of the Institute of Agricultural Engineers,  Member - Guyana Association of Professional Engineers,  Former President – GRMEDA, Former Director – Demerara Bank Limited,  Former Director – Demerara Distilleries Limited, Past Vice President – Guyana Cricket Board, Past President – Guyana Table Tennis Association,  Past President – Rotary Club of Georgetown,  Past President – Private Sector Commission – 1994 – to 1996 ,                                                Former  Chairman – National Aquaculture Association of Guyana, Chairman Caribbean Rice Association, Director Guyana Rice Development Board.

Mr. Sankar obtained his pilot’s license in 1985.

Hon. Maniram Prashad

4th – 1996-1997

Manniram Prashad served as President of the Georgetown Chamber of Commerce & Industry, Chairman of the Private Sector Commission, Director of Pegasus Hotel and the Guyana Airways Corporation. He was also a member of the University of Guyana Council.

Additionally, Prashad served as Presidential Advisor on Trade & Investment at the Office of the President, Chairman of the Cheddi Jagan Int’l Airport, Chairman of the Guyana National Shipping Corporation and Chairman of Property Holdings (Guyana) Limited and Chairman of Guyana Stores Limited. He also was the Vice Chairman of the Guyana Office for Investment and Vice Chairman of Caribbean Export Development Agency (Barbados).

Manniram Prashad is currently the Minister of Tourism, Industry and Commerce.

Mr. George Jardim

6th – 1999-2001

Mr. George Jardim served as chairman of the Private Sector Commission from 1999- 2001. His work experience includes Chairman of Industrial Engineering Ltd. (Mechanical or Industrial Engineering industry) from January 1965 — November 2002.

Consultant for Industrial Fabrications Inc. (Mechanical or Industrial Engineering industry) January 2003 — Present. His work includes updating management software and functions, designing new mining equipment to maximize recovery without chemical input.

Mr. Brian James

7th – 2001-2002

Mr. Brian James was born on the 5 May, 1944. His education includes: Queens College – Georgetown, Guyana “O” Level (1953 – 1961); Downer Grammar School, Middlesex, England “A” Level (1961 – 1963); University of London, England Northampton College B. Sc (Eng) (1963 – 1966); University of Toronto, Canada, Post Graduate Business Administration (1966 – 1967).

His work experience includes: 1992 – 2001,Guyana, C.E.O. of Auto Supplies Company – Importer and Distributor of major Brands of Vehicles, Appliances, Automotive Spare Parts, Electrical Appliances and Air Conditioners; 1993 – 2001, Guyana National Bureau of Standards – Council Member, Guyana National Printers – Board Member; 1994 – 2001, Georgetown Chambers of Commerce and Industry – Council Member and 1st Vice President;1999 – 2001,Co-owner / Operator of Royal Castle Restaurants - featuring Fast Food Chicken Outlet in Georgetown and 2001 – 2002,Private Sector Commission – Chairman.

Dr. Peter De Groot

8th – 2002-2004

Dr.Peter De Groot holds a Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) Degree in Animal Poultry Science from the Tuskegee University in 1982. Later he acquired his doctorate in Veterinary Medicine from the same university in 1984. Dr. de Groot is no longer in active Veterinary practice.

He is the managing director of Fairfield Group of Companies, including Fairfield Rice Inc (Rice Milling and Exporting) and Fairfield Investments LTd. (Rice Cultivation and Poultry Production). He also stands as Director of John Fernandes Group of Companies.

From 2002 - 2004, Dr. de Groot served as Past-Chairman of the Private Sector Commission; he is currently the Honorary Consul General of the Kingdom of the Netherlands (since 2005); Chairman of the Corporate Members Group of the Private Sector Commission (since 2005); Director of the Guyana Rice Development Board (GRDB) (since 1992) and the Director of National Agricultural Research Institute (NARI) (since 2007).

Mr. Michael Correia

10th – 2006-2008

Mr. Michael O. Correia Jnr is presently the Chief Executive Officer for the Correia Group of Companies which comprise of: Correia Mining Company Limited; Evergreen Adventures Inc.; Inbound Tour Operator; Operate a seventeen room nature resort; Trans Guyana Airways Limited.

Mr. Correia was the first private operator to bring Turbine technology into Guyana; he introduced first Cessna Grand Caravan into Guyana now they are 8 caravans in Guyana.  He is the Director/Chairman of Intraserv Inc.; Investment with Brazilian partner and Caribbean Aviation Maintenance Services Limited. He also achieved GAR 145. He also served as the President of the Private Sector Commission from 2006 to 2008.

Capt.  Gerald Gouveia

11th – 2008-2010

Captain Gerald Gouveia is an aviator extra-ordinaire with in excess of thirty years experience flying in Guyana’s hinterland, South America and the Caribbean. He is an Airline Transport rated pilot.

Captain Gouveia is a graduate of Embry Riddle University where he acquired his initial aviation education. He advanced his education in other fields such as National Security, Political Science, Tourism, Aviation, Security Management, Aircraft Search & Rescue and Aircraft Accident Investigation at NTBS Academy, George Washington University and the Centre for Hemispheric Defence Studies in the National Defence University, all in Washington DC.

Captain Gouveia founded his company, Roraima Airways along with his wife Captain Debra Gouveia, who is also an experienced Airline Transport rated pilot. He is the Chief Executive Officer of the Roraima Group of Companies.

One of the five owners of the Ogle Airport Inc and the current Chairman of the Private Sector Commission, Captain Gouveia has also served over the years as President of the Tourism and Hospitality Association of Guyana, the Guyana Association of Travel Agents, the Georgetown Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Aircraft Owners Association and the Caribbean Association of Travel Agents.

Captain Gouveia holds a black belt in Karate and JUDO, is an ardent adventurer and also a mountain biking and power boating enthusiast.

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