Private Sector Commission

Energy and Power

Chairman, Clinton Williams

Terms of Reference

  1. To produce a position paper highlighting relevant areas of alternative energy and power sources which may be explored and to make recommendations for exploration, additionally illustrating the benefits of using renewable resources, on the business community and the nation as a whole.

  2. To identify and develop positions on infrastructure which are necessary to promote growth and development in the energy and power sector and where necessary, improve the well being of the population.

  3. To provide continuous updates to the PSC Council, the wider business community and other stakeholders in relation to significant Energy developments in this sector.

  4. To make recommendations for plans that allows for the use and conversion of renewable energy in a sustainable manner.

  5. To consult with other key stakeholders on proposed developments and give due consideration to their views and positions.

  6. To work in close alliance with the Guyana Energy Agency thereby proving advise and support where feasible. 

  7. Monitor development on priority energy and power projects which will significantly impact on the economic and social development of Guyana and to obtain all relevant documentation/proposals on these projects.

  8. Hold discussions with key government functionaries, consultants, investors, and organisations etc., on proposed energy and power developments with the aim of obtaining a clear understanding of what is intended and to communicate the views of the PSC as necessary.

  9. Represent the Private Sector on the National Competitiveness Strategy group and other functioning groups, bodies, agencies etc that seek to address or administer the areas that falls under the mandate of this sub-committee.

Members of the Sub-Committee

The Sub – Committee should seek to attract members who can contribute to the areas that fall under its ambit. Such members may come from the following organizations:

  1. Private Sector Commission 

  2. Head of similar Sub-Committees form the PSC Sectoral and Corporate Members 

  3. Head the Energy & Power Sector Department from Corporate Members 

  4. Organizations or persons (approved by the sub-committee) who do not come from organizations listed in items 1-3 above and have the requisite skills and knowledge that are deemed vital to the operations of the sub-committee

Modus Operandi

  1. The committee should be convened at least once every two months. In addition, the Chairman may convene meetings of the Committee whenever he considers a pertinent issue(s) to have arisen and therefore requiring the urgent attention of the committee. 

  2. At its first meeting, the members of the council shall elect a Chairman from among the group and each Chairman shall hold office for a period of one year unless circumstances warrant otherwise.

  3. The agenda for each meeting along with the minutes and or notes shall be prepared by the Executive Director in concurrence with by the Chairperson/Head of the Sub-Committee.

  4. The agenda, minutes and or notes taken after committee meetings must be sent at least five days prior to the next scheduled meeting.

  5. A quorum for any meeting shall consist of no less than four persons excluding the Chairman.

  6. If the Chairman of the committee suffers any incapacity whether prolonged or temporary, the quorum of members present at that meeting shall appoint someone from among the quorum of members present; to act on behalf of the Chairman during his temporary or prolonged incapacitation and any person so appointed shall have the full power of the Chairman until such time as the Committee determines or when the Chairman returns.  

  7. The decisions of the committee shall be adopted by a majority of the votes, provided that in any case in which the voting is equal, the Chairman presiding at the meeting shall have a second or casting vote.  

  8. The Chairman, with the consensus of the members, may invite a person(s) from any related organization to attend a meeting as a guest speaker or advisor on the topic for discussion.

  9. The taking of notes at meetings shall be the responsibility of the Executive Director or staff delegated. 

Working Relationship 

The following are the primary private and public sector organizations which will constitute this sub – committee.

  1. Private Sector Organizations

    • All Private Sector Sectoral Organizations

    • All Chambers of Commerce and Industries

    • All Companies and Organizations

  2. Public Sector Organizations 

    • Guyana Energy Agency

    •  Public Utilities Commission

    • Environmental Protection Agency (especially natural resource management Department)

    • Guyana Lands & Survey Commission (especially the Mapping & Survey Divisions)

    • Guyana Power and Light 

    • Guyana Geology and Mines Commission  (especially the petroleum division)

    • Guyana Oil Company 

    • Office of the Prime Minister


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