Private Sector Commission

PSC demands full Disclosure and Public Debate on Parking Metres

June 24, 2016


      PSC demands full Disclosure and Public Debate on Parking Metres



The Private Sector commission holds the view that the Mayor and City Council, in particular, the Mayor and the select few she has chosen to surround her, has only themselves to blame for the controversy which have arisen on the matter of installing parking meters in  the city of Georgetown.


The Mayor, in the first place, has isolated her deputy and other City Councilors from participating in the process of arriving at this decision. This is unacceptable and  unwarranted.


Secondly, the PSC believes that an initiative of this magnitude, affecting as it does, the entire citizenry of the city and beyond, demands public consultation, transparency, and open debate.


The British High Commissioner has made this very point and we endorse his position.


The PSC, also notes and supports the fact that H.E President David Granger has quite properly questioned the rates to be charged and has expressed the view that these rates may be a serious burden beyond the reach of the average person.


Unfortunately, the contracting company and the contract details are shrouded in secrecy and appear to be questionable. These must  be fully disclosed for public scrutiny. The PSC, therefore, cannot and will not support this attempt to impose parking meters on the population until there has been full public debate and support for the matter.


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