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Private Sector Commission Welcomes Amcham and US Chamber of Commerce…

Private Sector Commission Welcomes Amcham and US Chamber of Commerce

The Private Sector Commission yesterday hosted a Lunch for the newly formed American Chamber of Commerce in Guyana (Amcham) and a visiting delegation from the United States Chamber of Commerce, here for the launch of Amcham.

Special invitees to the Lunch were US Ambassador, His Excellency Perry Holloway, CEO of GPL, Mr. Albert Gordon, and CEO of GWI, Dr. Richard Van West Charles while Amcham was represented by its President, Mr. Zulfikar Ally, Ms. Liz Wyatt and Mr. Clairmont Cummings. The visiting delegation from the US Chamber of Commerce was headed by Vice-President for the Americas, Ms. Anne McKinney who was accompanied by Mr. George Kalantzakis and Mr. Mitchell De Silva.

Past Chairman of the Private Sector Commission and Corporate Coordinator, Mr. Manniram Prashad, congratulated Amcham and welcomed the visitors to Guyana while Ambassador Holloway lauded the collaboration between Guyanese and American businesses as the “best kind of diplomacy”.

Ms. McKinney noted that Amcham will catalyse and strengthen cooperation between American businesses and American business and facilitate two-way trade. She expressed her enthusiasm for working with the Private Sector Commission and the American Chamber.

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