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Air Services Limited
Ogle Int’l Airport, East Coast Demerara
Tele#: 592-222-1234
Fax#: 592-222-2993
Air Services Limited started in aviation half a century ago, with only one aeroplane, Air Services Limited (ASL) now boasts 23 aircraft and 3 helicopters, plus a flight school and a state-of-the-art fuel farm at Ogle Airport.
While providing a safe, reliable and affordable service to its traditional clients, ASL’s growth has extended into other aviation-related opportunities such as Lydar surveys which entail resource mapping and aerial photography.
ASL is the only locally-owned commercial helicopter operator with two Bell 206 Long Range and 1 Robinson 44 helicopters specializing in tourism and executive transport as well as medical evacuations.

Thirst Park, Georgetown
Tel: 226-2491, 225-0920
Direct Line 225-8624
Cell 665-1058
Fax 227-7057 227-1639


Banks DIH was established in 1969 by Mr. Peter Stanislaus d’Aguiar. The principle activities of the group are the brewing, blending, bottling and wholesale marketing of beers, wines, liquors and assorted beverages, the processing of food items, the operation of restaurants, bars, laundry service, hotel; and the operation of commercial banking. Banks DIH Limited is now a multi-billion dollar company and is headed by Mr. Clifford Barrington Reis, CCH, who was appointed Chairman/Managing Director after the death of Mr. Peter S. D'Aguiar thereby heralding the dawn of a new era in the company's history.

Barama Company Limited
Land of Canaan Complex,
East Coast Demerara
Tele#: 592-266-5633, Fax#: 266-5634
Barama Company Limited is a locally registered company with a fully integrated Forest and Manufacturing Operations. We own the rights to 1.6 million hectares of tropical forest and operate a veneer factory, plywood factory, two sawmills, kiln drying facilities, sawnwood finishing plant along with other support facilities such as a fully equipped marine fleet. Our products include plywood, lumber of various dimensions and finishes, veneers and logs.

Berbice Bridge Company                                    D' Edward Village, West Bank Berbice,                P.O. Box 10107 Guyana, South America       Tele#: 592-327-5466                                      Email:                     Website:


BK International
Mandela Avenue Georgetown
Tel: 226-5515
Fax: 226-5517
Fax: 223-7421

BK International is Guyana’s largest privately owned indigenous construction company. The company was established in 1993. The former Principal Shareholder, CEO and the driving force behind BK and its associated companies is Mr. Brian Tiwari. BK now owns the largest pool of construction and transportation assets in Guyana, comprising over four hundred pieces of equipment of all types. BK has successfully completed major projects funded by private, government and international funding agencies. These projects consist mainly of: Sea Defense Works, Civil Construction, Commercial Construction and Custom Residential Construction. The Managing Director is Mr. Brian Tiwari and the Office Manager is Mr. Egan Bazilio.

Bosai Minerals Group                                Linden, Guyana                                            Tele#: 592-444-2882                                    Email:


Correia Group of Companies
159 Charlotte Street, Georgetown
Tel: 226-0605, 222-2525, 222-2150
Fax: 225-1171
Cel: 691-0423


Correia Group of Companies was the brainchild of Manoel Correia, whose idea to invest the profits he made from his small shop in the mining industry in 1926, has today evolved into one of the country’s most dynamic  and ever expanding corporations. Correia Group of Companies comprises of Mining (Correia Mining Company), Aviation (Trans Guyana Airways, Caribbean aviation maintenance Services Limited, Ogle International Airport), Transportation (Correia's Interior Transportation Service and Intraserv Inc.) and Tourism (Evergreen Adventures Inc and Baganara Island Resort). The Chairman is Mr. Michael Correia, Jrn.

Demerara Tobacco Company
90 Carmichael Street, Georgetown
Tele#: 592-225-1900/2
The Demerara Tobacco Co. business model is designed to deliver sustainable growth in earnings for our shareholders. It is built around consumers and is supported by a winning organization that acts responsibly at all times. Our International Marketing Principles detail our commitment to marketing appropriately to adult consumers. We are also committed to giving back to the communities where we operate.

Edward B. Beharry & Co, Ltd
191 Charlotte Street, Lacytown
Tel: 227-0632 
Fax: 225-6062


Edward B. Beharry & Co. Ltd. (EBB) was established in 1935 by the late Edward B. Beharry and is now one of the Caribbean’s leading companies. It is a holding company with interests in Manufacturing (Sterling Products Ltd), Insurance (NALICO and NAFICO), Automotive Sales (Beharry Automotive Ltd)  and Financial Services (Guyana Bank for Trade and Industry, Beharry Stockbrokers Ltd, Secure International Finance Company Ltd). The company has one of the most comprehensive distribution networks in Guyana and is aggressively seeking to expand its export activities. The Beharry Group is a family-owned business started six decades ago; as a humble operation with just three employees. Today, the staff population has grown to over 1,500 persons. Three generations of Beharry’s now manage this conglomerate guided by a tradition of quality – the Beharry name is literally always on the line, in every product and service offered to the public.

Lot 225 New Market Street
Tele#: 592-226-5165,
Fax#: 592-226-0969

Gaico Construction Inc. was established in 2003 after operating as a sole trader since 1992. Our core line of Business is Construction of Roads & Structures, Dredging of Outfalls/Jetty & Production of Asphaltic Concrete. We strongly believe that money cannot buy ethics. We will continuously look for good business opportunities which add value to our business and generate favorable returns.”

Grace Kennedy Remittance Services
19 ‘C’ Water Street, Georgetown
Tel: 227-5141
Fax: 227-5137


Grace Kennedy Remittance Services (GKRS) is a private company with limited liability, registered in 1993. GKRS is a locally registered company and a wholly owned subsidiary of the Jamaican based Grace, Kennedy and Co. Ltd. GKRS was primarily created to bring the services of Western Union money transfer to the people of Guyana. GKRS remains competitive and relevant in a dynamic world by strengthening its alliance with Western Union International and by continuously investing in appropriate technology and training of its staff members. The company now offers Bill Express, a one stop payment service.

 Guyana Goldfields Inc.                                     7 North Road, Lacytown,  Georgetown           Tele: 592 227-7062,  225-0289                        Fax: 592 225-5824                                       Email:                          Website:


Guyana Telephone and Telegraph Company 
79 Brickdam, Stabroek, Georgetown
Tel: 227-4660
Fax: 227-1020
Cel: 640-0786
The Guyana Telephone & Telegraph Company is the national telecommunication service provider which offers voice, data and mobile/wireless telephony services. The parent company Atlantic Tele Network Inc. (ATN) in 1990 invested in and  signed an agreement with the Government of Guyana in which ATN acquired 80% of the then Guyana Telecommunication Corporation, with the government retaining 20%. GT&T commenced operations on January 28, 1991. The Chairman is Mr. Cornelius Prior and the Chief Executive Officer is Mr. Justin Nedd.

John Fernandes Group of Companies
24 Water Street, Georgetown
Tel: 226-3241-2 
Fax: 226-1881

John Fernandes Ltd is a private, limited liability company owned and operated by the Fernandes family. Although in business previously, the Company was formally registered in 1959 by the founder and first chairman, John Fernandes Snr. Today the Company has expanded and along with its subsidiaries, forms the John Fernandes Group of Companies. The present management of the Group of Companies are second and third generation family members. The Group encompasses: Fernandes Holdings Ltd. (Real estate owners); Bounty Farm Ltd. (Poultry producers and marketers.); Protein Recovery Inc. (Rendering Plant); B & B Farms Ltd. (Poultry producers); Fairfield Investments Ltd (Rice farmers & Poultry producers); Fairfield Rice Inc. (Rice millers & exporters); JP Santos & Company Ltd. (Retail Traders) and Bryden & Fernandes Inc (Agents and Distributers). Mr. Chris Fernandes is the Chairman & Chief Executive Officer.

Kayman Sankar & Co. Ltd                                    251 Purshotam Street, Prashad Nagar Georgetown                                                     Tele: 227-7704                                             Email:


MP Insurance Brokers and Consultants Ltd.  Lot 40 F Brickdam and United  Nations Place, Stabroek ,  Georgetown.                                 Tel: 227-7782, 225-0107                                   Fax: 227-7783                                                     Email:    

National Hardware Limited
17 Water St., Georgetown
Tele#: 592-227-1964
Fax#: 592-226-5280
National Hardware Limited is a private group of companies, which includes NHL Enterprise, NHL Alproguy Limited, National Hardware Guyana Limited, National Industries Limited, Guyana Color Crete Manufacturing Inc and Decopav Concrete Products Limited. The group is comprise of activities such as, manufacturing, wholesale and retail of construction amd general merchandise as well as real estate and property development.

Agricola, East Bank Demerara
Tel: 233-2462
Fax: 233-2464
Direct Line 233-2461


The National Milling Co. of Guyana. (NAMILCO) was officially opened on May 17, 1969. The Company imports wheat and mills it into flour, producing a variety of flour and Specialty Mixes for domestic and overseas consumers. In May 2009 the Company achieved ISO 9001:2008 Certification. A follow up audit was also conducted in February 2010 and again we were successful. NAMILCO is managed by a Managing Director, Mr. Roopnarine (Bert) Sukhai.

Massy Guyana
R5 Ruimveldt, Georgetown PO Box 10200
Tel: 592-226-8491-5
Fax 592-225-7676

Massy Guyana  is a performance driven company with a 40 year track record of business experience and acumen. They represent many worldwide brands and partner well with clients in maintaining business relationships throughout the country. The Neal and Massy Group of Companies encompasses a wide and diverse set of businesses, these include AINLIM, CCS Guyana Ltd, Demerara Oxygen Company Limited (DOCOL), NM Services Ltd, NM Security Solutions Inc. and Trading and Distribution Inc. (which has two operating divisions, Geddes Grant and Marketing and Distribution.)

Qualfon Guyana Inc.                                        64 Industrial Sites, Beterverwagting East Coast Demerara,                                                         Tele: 220-0406 Fax: 220-0407,                   Email:,                                           Website:

Qualfon is a people-driven business process outsourcing (BPO) company and a global provider of contact center services and back-office processing. With experienced BPO leadership and a strong track record of business growth dating back to our founding in 1995, Qualfon helps companies reduce costs and deliver superior customer experiences. Today, we have 11,000 employees serving international brands across many industries, and our intelligent outsourcing locations span the United States, the Philippines, Guyana S.A., Mexico, and China. Qualfon’s mission to “Be the Best BPO, Make People’s Lives Better” means we invest in our people and, in return, they take better care of you and your customers. Qualfon’s employee retention is twice the industry average, which creates a people-driven value chain: Our employees stay longer, providing you a higher-quality service at a lower price.


Queens Altantic Investment Inc.
Industrial Site, Sanata Textiles Compound
Tel: 225-5134, 225-5128, 225-5507
Fax: 225-5129

Queens Atlantic Investment Inc. (QAII) is an investment company consisting of five subsidiary companies, namely: Global Printing and Graphics Inc.; Global Hardware Inc.; Global Textile (Guyana) Inc.; Health International Inc.; Healthcare Life Sciences Inc. Queens Atlantic Investment Inc. was incorporated in Guyana in 1999 and is run by a board of directors. The aim of QAII is to effectively develop by improving the standard of goods or services produced by each of these companies. Massive infrastructure rehabilitation of the entire compound, combined with careful selection of a skilled task force has made this to be possible.  Emphasis has always been placed on creating jobs for local individuals as well as to be less independent on foreign corporations for products like drugs and other medicines, printed material and hardware items that can be produced locally to the same standards as those we currently import.

Roraima Airways Group of Companies
R 8 Eping Avenue, Bel Air Park Georgetown
Tel: 225-9648
Fax: 225-9646


Roraima Airways Group of Companies is a private company, owned and established in 1992 by Captains Gerald and Debra Gouveia, both Airline Transport Rated Aircraft Pilots. The company grew from three employees to one hundred and fifty over a fifteen year period, developing into a vast and diverse aviation and tourism enterprise. Roraima Airways Groups of Companies is encompasses Roraima Residence Inn, Roraima International Travel Agency, Roraima Airways, Arrowpoint Nature Resort, Roraima Tours, Roraima Airways Executive Lounge and Roraima Airways Ground Handling Services. Capt. Gerald Gouveia is the Chief Executive Officer.

Rubis West Indies Limited
Ramsburg, East Bank Demerara
Tele#: 592-265-7373
Fax#: 592-265-7376
E-mail:          Website:

Rubis is an established international petroleum company with operations across the Caribbean, Europe and Africa. We are now a major player in the fuels distribution business in Guyana, Providing superior and reliable energy solutions across multiple business sectors.
We are Proud to be a leading supplier of quality petroleum products, aviation fuel, liquid petroleum gas and lubricant products to our customers in Guyana. We have a strong commitment to the development of the communities in which we operate. The Director of Rubis West Indies is Mr. Ricardo Milford.
Above all, we are dedicated to serving.

SOL Antilles & Guianas
BB Rome, Agricola, EBD
Tel: 233-0552
Fax: 227-2249
Cel: 624-1304


The Sol Group was formed through the acquisition of Shell's petroleum distribution and marketing businesses in the Eastern Caribbean, Guyana, Suriname and Belize in February 2005. Sol supplies fuels, lubricants, bitumen and LPG through an extensive service station network, as well as industrial, marine and aviation fuels through its Commercial, Marine and Aviation Operations. Sol uses the Shell brand under license across its service station network, and acts as the sole distributor of Shell's fuels and lubricants. This is fully backed by Shell's world-class technical expertise. The General Manager is Mr. Orlando Boxill.

Texila American University
Lot 8 Goedverwagting Sparendam , East Coast Demerara.                                                       Tele#: 222-5224                                                 E-mail:                                Website:


Texila American University (TAU) is a private university in Guyana offering degree programs in Medicine, Dentistry and Nursing. TAU has two campuses, campus 1 is located at Lot A, Goedverwagting, East Coast Demerara and campus 2, is located at Critchlow Labour College, Woolford Avenue. TAU offers Health Science programs (Medicine and Nursing) with a high level of professionalism, problem solving skills and precision which for a strong foundation for independent medical practice can be built.