Membership with the Private Sector Commission is available in two forms:

1. Corporate
2. Sectoral Corporate

Members are private sector companies or firms, establishments, partnerships, groups or private sector bodies incorporated or registered in Guyana, and affiliated to a minimum of two Sectoral members.

Sectoral Members are agencies, organizations or institutions registered in Guyana which represent particular categories of private sector endeavors.  Sectoral classes include Commerce & Industry, Mining and Tourism.

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Benefits of Becoming a Member

The Private Sector Commission of Guyana, the umbrella organization for Guyana’s private sector businesses, is committed to the promotion of a vibrant and dynamic private sector as the engine of growth in Guyana, the achievement of a welfare standard for citizens on par with that of advanced countries, and the address of pertinent issues in the national interest. The achievement of these objectives is accomplished through the harnessing of skills and talents of its members.

The Commission actively engages its Members through meetings and other forms of dialogue to arrive at common positions on the spectrum of current and unfolding issues. These include cross-cutting issues such as Energy, Infrastructure and Transportation, sectoral issues such as Agriculture, and those proposed by Members themselves.

Sub-committees which may comprise member representatives and other competent resource persons who are elected/appointed to serve, oversee specific issues on an ongoing basis. This may be through facilitation of dialogue with relevant government organs, interaction with other local and international stakeholders, as well as with counterpart regional and international private sector organizations.

On becoming a Member, private sector firms and associations are eligible for appointment to Council, the governing body of the Commission, and thus contribute directly to the Mission and Objectives of the Private Sector Commission. They can materially contribute to effective representation of private sector interests at various fora, participate on sub-committees, and guide the efforts and the work of the Secretariat.

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Our Members

Bosai Minerals Group (Guyana) Inc.

Republic Avenue, McKenzie, Linden

Bosai Minerals Group (Guyana) Inc., The subsidiary company of Bosai Minerals Group Co., Ltd. of China  (70% Share), located in Linden, Guyana, South American, consists of its bauxite plant of 1,800,000mt yearly capacity, supporting power plant and bauxite mines with reserves over 100 million mts.

Its products are sold to different areas of the world, such as North America, Europe, Asia and Australia, that makes BMGG one of the national mainstay enterprises in Guyana and the top bauxite supplier in the world.

The company has in its employ over 600 employees and operates on a 24 hrs basis.  Being located in the middle of a community, the company fulfills its corporate social responsibilities by hosting an Annual Bursary Awards Ceremony, an Annual Senior Citizens Hamper distribution program.

BK International

Mandela Avenue Georgetown

BK International is Guyana’s largest privately owned indigenous construction company. The company was established in 1993. The former Principal Shareholder, CEO and the driving force behind BK and its associated companies is Mr. Brian Tiwari. BK now owns the largest pool of construction and transportation assets in Guyana, comprising over four hundred pieces of equipment of all types. BK has successfully completed major projects funded by private, government and international funding agencies. These projects consist mainly of: Sea Defense Works, Civil Construction, Commercial Construction and Custom Residential Construction. The Managing Director is Mr. Brian Tiwari .

Berbice Bridge Company

D' Edward Village, West Bank Berbice, P.O. Box 10107 Guyana, South America

The Berbice River Bridge Company was designed by a European Consortium Bosch Rexroth B.V. and Mabey and Johnson at the cost US$38M.  The principal activity of the company is to operate the Berbice River Bridge as a toll bridge, securing revenue to cover all operating and maintaining costs, repayment of financing and debt servicing obligations.

The Berbice Bridge Company Inc. (BBCI) plays the role of collecting tolls and facilitating vehicles crossing the Berbice River Bridge and vessels transiting through the retractor opening and under the high span. The company also discharges its corporate responsibilities and, more importantly plays an integral part in the development of education, sports, while supporting national events and making donations to, charitable and non-charitable organizations in close proximity to the bridge, as well as region 5 and 6. The company has also sponsored events in other counties and as far as the hinterland.

Banks DIH was established in 1969 by Mr. Peter Stanislaus d’Aguiar. The principle activities of the group are the brewing, blending, bottling and wholesale marketing of beers, wines, liquors and assorted beverages, the processing of food items, the operation of restaurants, bars, laundry service, hotel; and the operation of commercial banking. Banks DIH Limited is now a multi-billion dollar company and is headed by Mr. Clifford Barrington Reis, CCH, who was appointed Chairman/Managing Director after the death of Mr. Peter S. D'Aguiar thereby heralding the dawn of a new era in the company's history.

Air Services Limited

Ogle Int’l Airport, East Coast Demerara

Air Services Limited started in aviation half a century ago, with only one aeroplane, Air Services Limited (ASL) now boasts 23 aircraft and 3 helicopters, plus a flight school and a state-of-the-art fuel farm at Ogle Airport.

While providing a safe, reliable and affordable service to its traditional clients, ASL’s growth has extended into other aviation-related opportunities such as Lydar surveys which entail resource mapping and aerial photography.

ASL is the only locally-owned commercial helicopter operator with two Bell 206 Long Range and 1 Robinson 44 helicopters specializing in tourism and executive transport as well as medical evacuations.

Correia Group of Companies

C/o Trans Guyana Airways Hanger, Ogle International Airport, Ogle, ECD

Company Bio Needed

Demerara Tobacco Company

90 Carmichael Street, Georgetown


Company Bio Needed

Edward B. Beharry & Co. Ltd

191 Charlotte Street, Lacytown

Company Bio Needed

Gaico Construction & General Services Inc.

225 New Market Street, Georgetown


Company Bio Needed

Grace Kennedy Remittance Service

19 ‘C’ Water Street, Georgetown

Company Bio Needed

Guyana Goldfields Inc

7 North Road, Lacytown, Georgetown

Company Bio Needed

Guyana Telephone & Telegraph Company

79 Brickdam, Stabroek, Georgetown


Company Bio Needed

Kayman Sankar Co. Ltd

251 Purshotam Street, Prashad Nagar, Georgetown

Company Bio Needed

John Fernandes Group Of Companies

24 Water Street, Georgetown

Company Bio Needed

MP Insurance Brokers & Consultants Ltd.

46F Brickdam & Boyle Place, Stabroek, Georgetown

Company Bio Needed


Agricola, East Bank Demerara

Company Bio Needed

National Hardware Limited

17 Water Street, Georgetown

Company Bio Needed

Massy (Guyana) Group Of Companies

R5 Ruimveldt, Georgetown

Company Bio Needed

Qualfon Guyana Inc.

64 Industrial Site, Beterverwagting, ECD

Company Bio Needed

Queens Atlantic Investment Inc.

Industrial Site, Sanata Textiles Compound

Company Bio Needed

Rubis Guyana

Ramsburg, East Bank Demerara

Company Bio Needed

Roraima Group Of Companies

R8 Eping Avenue, Bel Air Park, G/town

Company Bio Needed

Sol Antilles And Guianas

BB Rome Agricola, EBD

Company Bio Needed

Texila American University

Lot ‘A’  Goedverwagting, ECD

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Toolsie Persaud Limited

Lot 10-12 Lombard  Street, Georgetown

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Our Members


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