Private Sector Commission

Meeting with Minister Simona Broomes

        November 30, 2015

             Press Release – Meeting with Minister Simona Broomes

The Private Sector Commission (PSC) met recently with the Honourable Simona Broomes, Minister within the Ministry of Social Protection. The meeting was called to discuss how the Private Sector Commission can assist the Ministry to reach out to businesses to discuss employer/employee relations in the context of the Labour laws

The Private Sector Commission pointed out that, in many instances, the employers are not aware of all the requirements under the Occupational Health and Safety Act and the other labour laws, and pledged support to the Minister’s plan to host a forum at which employers could be sensitised about these.  The Minister said that the Ministry is willing to provide training on Occupational Health and Safety requirements to businesses as well as a grace period after which continuously erring businesses will have to face sanctions.

The Minister also updated the representatives of the private sector on her efforts to tackle Trafficking in Persons.



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