Private Sector Commission

Local Government Elections 2016

    Press Release


March 21, 2016


The Private Sector Commission once again deployed Observers in the field for elections and operated a Communications Centre to liaise with these and receive reports from across the country.  Reports indicated that voting was peaceful and orderly with no major complaints.The PSC's Observers in the Upper Corentyne region visited Polling Stations from Number 28 Village to Crabwood Creek and reported peaceful and calm voting.  Most marked was the low turnout.

The PSC's Observers in Lethem also reported calm and smooth voting with only one incident in which party representatives were found to be too close to the polling station.  A report was made to GECOM and they were relocated to outside of the 200 yard boundary.  There were also a few minor incidents in Region 3 but all were successfully resolved.  Voting across Regions 2 and 4 was also reported and uneventful.The Commission recommends that the use of electronic tabulations should be introduced to speed up the process of counting and contribute to greater accuracy.

The PSC would like to congratulate the Guyana Elections Commission on their efficient management of the electoral process and the delivery once again of an almost incident-free election. 

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