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Trade & Investment Opportunities

Trade and investment are the principal drivers of Guyana’s economic expansion.  Both existing businesses and potential investors in Guyana are encouraged to exploit opportunities in global markets for rapid growth and the delivery of high returns to shareholders. 

The Investment Act of 2004 protects the rights of investors and guarantees non-discrimination between foreign and local investors.  The Act also grants investors the right to purchase or acquire land and to dispose of or transfer their rights over land.  Investors are also afforded the right to import and export freely in accordance with the laws and the right to free movement of capital and repatriation of dividends, earnings and capital.  Personnel employed in investment enterprises may also repatriate their earnings.  There is no residency requirement to set up a company.

Guyana has an effective export promotion regime which provides incentives for expansion of exports.  Generally exports are tax free with the exception of export of certain goods including bauxite and lumber.  Export taxes range from 0.5% of value to 10% depending on the product.

Investors are urged to explore opportunities in the Information, Communication & Technology (ICT) sector with the relatively unlimited bandwidth available through the high-capacity fibre-optic cable link which connects Guyana to Trinidad and the rest of the world. This new resource capacity along with available low-cost plant capacity and Guyana’s educated and easily trained work-force combine to virtually guarantee success within this sector.

Major opportunities also exist for investment in strategic sectors. These include Agriculture, Agroprocessing, Energy, Manufacturing, Mining, Tourism and Seafood.  

The Guyana Office for Investment (Go-Invest) is responsible for the promotion of trade and investment opportunities. It provides a wealth of information on the strategic sectors and trade promotion. Information on incentives for investment is also available through Go-Invest. 

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