Private Sector Commission

GT&T’s Rashtra Jyoti

Speech Presented on the Occasion of GT&T’s Rashtra Jyoti Wednesday November 3, 2010 by Mr. Ramesh Dookhoo, Chairman of the Private Sector Commission

I am very pleased to be asked to address you here this evening on the occasion of the ushering in of Deepavali 2010.  The Holy Festival of Deepavali is of profound significance to Hindus but its deeper meaning transcends religious and ethnic boundaries.  At Deepavali we celebrate the triumph of good over evil and light over darkness.  Indeed, Deepavali is rightly referred to as the Festival of Light and it is the time when inner light is encouraged to reveal itself.

In Guyana, Deepavali has come to be enjoyed by all ethnic groups and persons turn out in their thousands to enjoy the brightly lit motorcades.  Yet it is the true significance of Deepavali that we must embrace.  It is a time of joyous sharing among family and friends and among neighbours of all faiths.  This is the true spirit of Deepavali which must be nurtured and strengthened.

Last year when President Obama himself lit the ceremonial diya in the White House two million American Hindus celebrated the gesture.  In Guyana we have always been a multi-cultural society in which all faiths and ethnicities join together in celebration of each others’ festivals.  We are indeed fortunate to live in such a society and must always remember that the things which unite us are greater than those which divide us.  We have grown together in a spirit of unity and love and Deepavali is one of the times of the year when we come together in celebration of that unity.

We in the Private Sector Commission are pleased that at this Deepavali festival we are closer together as a nation than we have ever been and more prosperous than we have ever been before.  Our economy is growing and business is booming.  We are convinced that the future will be brighter for all Guyanese and that we can come together in harmony and a true spirit of co-operation to build this land.

May this Deepavali festival be a joyous occasion for all and may Mother Laxshmi’s blessings be bestowed on all of us.  On behalf of the Private Sector Commission I would like to wish all Guyanese a blessed and peaceful Deepavali.

I thank you.


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