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Trade Transactions

The Trade Transactions Public Private Dialogue Body (PPDB) is a dialogue body which includes the Guyana Revenue Authority, the Customs House Brokers Association of Guyana, the Private Sector Commission, the Shipping Association of Guyana, the Ministry of Tourism, Industry and Commerce and license agencies. The PPDB was chaired by Chris Fernandes of the Shipping Association of Guyana. The National Competitiveness Strategy Unit serves as its secretariat. It has been in operation since December 2008. Since May 2010 the meeting started to be attended and chaired by the Commissioner General of the Guyana Revenue Authority. It meets once every two months. In the first half of 2009 the PPDB developed a review of trade transactions in Guyana and an action plan which included 83 actions. These actions were agreed upon by all stakeholders. As of July 2010, these actions stood at 45 per cent implementation, on average. The objective is for 100 per cent implementation by the end of 2012.

The PPDB has been overseeing the implementation of these actions, whilst serving as a forum for constructive dialogue between users of the system and the Guyana Revenue Authority.  Eight of the 83 actions within the action plan have been merged into one action, following the call by stakeholders for the use of internet technology in the process to obtain import and export licenses and to obtain customs clearance. This evolved into a project called the Single Window Automated Processing System (SWAPS). In 2009, the PPDB secured funding for the SWAPS from the Caribbean Aid for Trade and Regional Integration Trust Fund and the Government of Guyana Inter-American Development Bank’s Support for Competitiveness Programme. As of October 2010, the procurement process for a consultancy firm to develop the SWAPS, which will link in an electronic manner license bodies and users of the system to the Guyana Revenue Authority’s Total Revenue Integrated Processing System, was in an advanced stage. The aim is for the consultancy to commence early in 2011.

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