Private Sector Commission

Eco-Star Motos

Address made by Mr. Roubinder Rambarran, CEO, Private Sector Commission, on the occasion of the Opening of RK’s Eco-Star Motos, on Wednesday September 15, 2010 at the National Cultural Centre

It is with great pleasure that I address this gathering today.  First of all, the Private Sector Commission would like to congratulate Mr. Roshan Khan for his entrepreneurship in adding this new initiative to Guyana.  We are always pleased at the introduction of new business ventures to Guyana since this has a favourable impact on our economy and adds to the overall growth of our country.

The confidence which Mr. Khan shows in the economy with the introduction of this new venture is commendable and should be emulated by all businessmen.  It is said that the private sector is the engine of growth and this is indeed true.  New businesses spur our economy and it is the faith and confidence shown by our businessmen which lead to increasing prosperity for all.

Not only has Mr. Khan shown confidence in our economy with this new venture but the product in which he has chosen to specialize will enable Guyana to join the world’s push towards making more efficient use of fossil fuels and will enable greater economies of scale.  The more efficient use of fossils fuels is also on par with Guyana’s Low Carbon Development Strategy which stands to reap great benefits for Guyana.

Guyana has a lot of potential for investment in various sectors and the Private Sector Commission calls upon our local businessmen and businesswomen to take up these opportunities.  Just as foreign direct investment has been growing so too has investment by local entrepreneurs and we would urge others to take up the mantle and display the vision that is required to invest in the future of Guyana.

We are urging all citizens to support this new business venture, especially taking into consideration the impact these fuel efficient vehicles will have on the local economy.  The more efficient use of fuel means that less money would have to be spent on operation of the vehicles and the money saved in the economy can be channeled into more productive use.

Once again I would like to thank you for the opportunity to address this gathering.  We at the Private Sector Commission would like to extend our best wishes for the success of this endeavour.

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