Private Sector Commission

Strategic Priority Areas

  1. Economic Growth and Development – To advocate for, provide leadership and promote activities and projects for all members and stakeholders that will create a platform to foster development in Guyana.  

  2. Exports and Investments – To partner with all members and stakeholders to develop and sustain plans for increasing the competitiveness of Guyanese products and Guyana within the CSME and the related global arrangements.

  3. Information and Communication – To collect and share information to better inform the Private Sector and society as a whole.

  4. Governance and Security – To work towards ensuring that proper systems of Governance and Security are in place to encourage investments.

  5. Harmonizing and Creating Alliances - To create the environment necessary to encourage and facilitate harmonization among members and to continue to build alliances nationally, regionally and internationally, including the Donor Agencies.

  6. Human Resources Retention and Development – To work with all stakeholders to develop policies and procedures that will reverse brain drain and provide adequate training to better serve the needs of the country.

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